Outreach and Education Committee

Let’s Talk about IMPACT!


As the first time an astronomy conference of this scale is taking place on the African continent, we wish to leverage the IAU General Assembly in 2024 to make a meaningful, long-lasting and sustainable impact on astronomy outreach and education throughout the continent.  We plan to implement these ambitious goals through various projects that will run in the lead up to, during, and, most importantly after, the IAU GA2024. Furthermore, delegates will be presented with myriad opportunities across the continent, for hands-on contributions to educational initiatives, outreach programs, and community development, cementing the legacy of the assembly beyond academia. Click on any of the links below for more:


Call for Seed Grants in Support of Cascade Outreach Activities in your Home Community


Attention all Astronomy Ambassadors for Africa!


Are you captivated by the marvels of astronomy and eager to share this fascination with your home community? We’re seeking enthusiastic individuals or small teams to lead astronomy outreach initiatives in their hometowns and become the relatable role models of tomorrow within their communities.


The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) Education and Outreach Committee, in collaboration with the Inter-university Institute for Data-Intensive Astronomy (IDIA) and the IAU General Assembly 2024 (IAU-GA2024), is offering seed funding to support cascade outreach activities across Africa. The seed funding you or your small team apply for will need to support travel and activity resources (up to ZAR 6000.00 per team, or more under exceptional circumstances).


Outreach at astronomy facilities and organisations across Africa


Delegates will get the exciting opportunity to connect with communities across Africa, embarking on a collective exploration of the wonders of astronomy.


National Science Week, August 1-6, 2024


In the week preceding the IAU-GA, South Africa will celebrate its annual National Science Week, scheduled for 1 – 6 August. Participants are invited to engage in various activities by volunteering for outreach efforts across different regions of the country, presenting a unique opportunity to explore its diverse landscapes.


AstroFest: Participate in or organise events during the IAU GA 2024


Set your diaries for the astronomy festival of the year! The IAU GA2024 AstroFest festival will form an extension to the main IAU GA2024 program with a focus on multidisciplinary collaborations and science engagement for research, outreach and education.


AstroQuiz Africa 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity for learners across the continent to engage in an intellectually stimulating competition spanning five rounds of astronomical challenges. This prestigious event invites esteemed educational institutions and authorities to rally behind the initiative, encouraging the participation of young minds and fostering scientific excellence.

Learner Engagements


Throughout the GA, attendees will have the chance to participate in outreach activities, including visiting local schools to deliver talks. These talks will feature engaging presentations, role-modeling sessions, practical demonstrations, and more. Additionally, various school groups will visit the conference venue, as well as local science centers, planetariums, and observatories, for further engagement opportunities. Participants are encouraged to volunteer during these events to contribute to community building and inspire the next generation of astronomers and science enthusiasts.


Express and Explore with #AfricaLookUp to the Arts


Astronomy intertwines with art as we aim to narrate diverse stories about how various individuals, cultures, and communities perceive the night skies.


Call for hosts


We want to offer participants the chance to visit other African countries and various cities in South Africa for science collaborations, education and outreach activities and general networking opportunities, not to mention sharing the beauty of our continent with them. We invite organisations and institutions interested in hosting astronomers, and who are passionate about enhancing scientific literacy, to join us in this meaningful initiative. If you’re interested in becoming a host, kindly complete the expression of interest form. Hosts will be selected by the African Astronomical Society and the GA 2024 National Organising Committee.


How do I get involved or find out more?


During your registration for IAU GA2024, please make sure to indicate that you are interested in getting involved in IAU GA2024 outreach and education activities. We’ll then add you to our mailing list. Also be sure to keep checking this page – we will be releasing the calls and more details about the different activities on this page in the months to come.

If you have questions or would like to find out more, or if you would like to volunteer to participate in various engagements targeted at school going students and the general public in Cape Town and surrounding areas, you can contact the IAU GA2024 Outreach & Education Committee at outreach@astronomy2024.org