Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Committee will provide management oversight in the daily running of the organisation through the Secretariat.
  2. Members selected from the host country may be requested to be Directors of the AfAS Not for Profit Company to meet local legal requirements for the appointment of Directors.
  3. The Committee will approve the Annual Operating Plan as well as the annual budget.
  4. The Committee will oversee the Societies policies on ethics, internal controls, governance, risk management, and regulations. Oversight duties also include overseeing sub and ad hoc committees that work on policy development and implementation by making sure that they complete their objectives in the key sectors of science, outreach, fund-raising, communications, membership, women in astronomy, and education.
  5. The Executive Committee will also provide management oversight for the selected external projects assigned to AfAS by funders.
  6. The Committee will meet at least every two months to review progress on the Society’s activities and the financials.
  7. The committee provides reports of activities to the General Assembly, which approves their actions.
  8. To achieve the above, each member of the Executive will be expected to:
    • Serve AfAS and its membership on a voluntary, part-time basis
    • Attend more than 75% of all meetings
    • Review all documentation prior to a meeting to allow him/her to fully participate in all discussions 
    • Contribute to the decisions made by the Committee
    • Provide suggestions for improving the operations/activities of AfAS
    • Provide strategic leadership in the management of AfAS and the sub-committees 
    • If appointed as a Director of AfAS in terms of the host country’s laws, discharge his/her fiduciary responsibilities as and when required
    • Actively promote AfAS and its activities across the African continent and beyond
    • Attend workshops/seminars and meetings as a representative of AfAS
    • Contribute and participate in workshops/seminars and meetings hosted by AfAS
    • Contribute to the various reports/proposals/newsletters and communications that will emanate from AfAS 
  9. Should a member of the Executive Committee resign from the committee, and he/she is one of the Directors of the AfAS Not for Profit Company, he/she can elect to remain as a Director provided approval is received from the Executive Committee. 

Election Process for 2022

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