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Amateur Astronomy Associations Database

The Outreach Committee of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) is creating a database of all the amateur astronomy groups in Africa. This is to build a network of such associations, and help us better connect with you. We hope that all of us can use this network to organise events, share knowledge, collaborate, and help each other.

We are interested in getting to know amateur astronomy clubs of various kinds – those that are independent, affiliated with societies, or are in schools and colleges. We would like to make some of this information public, in an online interactive map. We now have a form that you can fill in, and this is available in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. We request that your answers be written in English, if possible. Please forward this email to all amateur astronomy clubs that you may know of.

English version
French version
Portuguese version
Arabic version

The translations were done by Amidou Sorgho (French), Claudio Paulo (Portuguese) and the Arabic ROAD Aw-Road(Arabic).

Astronomy in Africa – Our Stories

The astronomy community across Africa is diverse in the breadth of research that is carried out; from stars to galaxies to cosmology, from theory to observations, from simulations to instrumentation. It is also diverse in the many journeys and backgrounds of the astronomers themselves. The African Astronomical Society would like to curate and project the voices of astronomers in the continent in the form of short online videos. We feel that this is specially important in our current times, when many young students are at home due to the pandemic.

If you are an astronomer working in Africa, or an African astronomer working anywhere in the world, join us in our project “Astronomy in Africa – Our Stories”. We invite you to record a short video on some of the themes below. These will be made public. We invite participation from PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and all scientists engaged in various forms of astronomy research.

For more information, including guidelines, check this out.