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Dear Friends and Colleagues in Morocco,

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that has shaken the heart of Morocco, we at the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) stand in resolute solidarity with our Moroccan colleagues and the people of Morocco. The tragic loss of lives, the destruction of homes, and the scars left upon the historic fabric of the city of Marrakech have moved us deeply.

During these trying times, we come together, not simply as colleagues but as a community united in compassion and support. As we approach the forthcoming AfAS-2024 conference slated to take place in Marrakech, we remain keen in hosting the conference in Morocco. 

Our society, which champions the quest for knowledge and unity within the African continent, sees this as a call to unite further and strengthen our bonds. The wonders of the Universe that we explore together remind us of the resilience and fortitude that exists within us and of the imperative to stand together.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all who have lost their loved ones, and we share in the sorrow and grief that envelopes the nation. In this moment of darkness, let us find light in the togetherness and unity that defines our society, fostering a future of healing, recovery, and prosperity.

With deepest sympathies and unwavering solidarity,

The Executive Committee of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS)