Call for Nominations to AfAS Executive Committee for the period 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2025

This notice is a call for nominations from the Astronomy Community of Africa for the election of Executive Committee Members for the three years commencing 1st April 2022. The nominations are for the following Officers of the Executive Committee:

  • Seven (7) General Officers who will be elected at the General Assembly scheduled for March 2022. After the election of the 7 General Officers, the President and Vice President will then be elected from the 7 duly elected Officers.

An individual may therefore not nominate more than 7 persons; nominations must ensure that:
1) A nominee must be a full member of AfAS, however, non-members can be nominated provided an application for full membership is completed at the time of the nomination. A full member of AfAS satisfies the following criteria:

  • successfully completed a Masters’ or Doctoral Degree in astronomy or a related field; or
  • successfully completed a Bachelors and/or Honours degree in astronomy or related field and has thereafter for at least five years been engaged in activities related to astronomy; or
  • have successfully presented proof of independent or co-authorship of accepted, refereed or published astronomy paper(s) to the membership committee of the African Astronomical Society.

2) All nominees must be based in Africa and affiliated to an African institution.

All nominations must be made on the nomination form which is available on the AfAS website ( and all sections must be completed. For non-AfAS members who are nominated, the membership application form can be completed online on the AfAS website by the nominee (Full membership Application form: Note that all nominees must confirm their acceptance on the nomination and provide a comprehensive CV. Failure to provide acceptance of nomination and/or a detailed CV will render the nomination invalid.

The nomination form must be completed before 31 January 2022. Voting by AfAS members will take place at the General Assembly in March 2022.