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The Outreach Committee is setting up Working Groups on key areas of interest. Each of these groups have a definite focus, with members with expertise as well as passion in those areas. These groups will provide valuable service to the community and will be expanded as needed.

WG on Affordable Mobile Planetaria

This WG is tasked with developing, testing and authenticating various prototypes for affordable mobile planetaria, that are suitable for amateur astronomy associations, schools and colleges, and science organisations. The members are

  1. Zridi Abdeltif (Morocco)
  2. Sarah Abotsi-Masters (Ghana)
  3. Noorali Jiwaji (Tanzania)
  4. Nico van den Merwe (South Africa)
  5. Jamal Mimouni (Algeria, coordinator)
  6. Susan Murabana (Kenya)

WG on Amateur Radio Telescopes

This WG aims to develop a suite of radio telescope designs appropriate for amateur astronomers, schools and universities, facilitate a network of interested partners, and develop a program for construction and usage of these telescopes. This work is motivated by the presence of the Square Kilometre Array in Africa. The members are:

  1. Avinash Deshpande (RRI, India)
  2. Albert Forson (GSSTI, Ghana)
  3. Amy Gouws (SARAO, South Africa)
  4. Rod Hine (University of Leeds, UK, and DARA)
  5. Robert Hollow (CSIRO, Australia)
  6. Japie Ludick (SARAO, South Africa)
  7. Thabang Maretela (SARAO, South Africa)
  8. Emmaneul Proven Adziri (GSSTI, Ghana)
  9. Nkululeko Qwabe (SARAO, South Africa)
  10. Tony Voorveldt (South Africa)
  11. Niruj Mohan Ramanujam (SARAO, South Africa)