The AfAS Executive Committee is the Management Team that is responsible for managing all the organisations’ operations as well as its finances. It is the decision-making body within the Society for the operations/activities of the organisation. The Committee will be diverse (gender, geographical, age, racially, etc) and representative of the astronomy community in Africa and consists of 8 voting members, 7 of which will be elected at the General Assembly for a period of 3 years. All members of the Executive Committee must be based and working in Africa, affiliated with an African organisation. 

The Head of Secretariat serves on the executive committee and is not an elected member as he/she is the only Senior Manager employed by AfAS. In addition to the eight members, there are 4 “Ex-Officio” members, these are a representative from the host country’s Government Department which provides the majority of the funding, the Director of the IAU’s Office for Astronomy Development (OAD), the immediate past President of AfAS and the AfAS Project Manager.

A new Executive Committee will be elected in March 2022 for a 3-year term, to assist the election process, this document outlines the role and responsibilities of the Executive Committee to allow prospective nominees to fully understand what is expected of them as a committee member.

Election Process for 2022

Roles and Responsibilities

Nomination form