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The Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing & Astrophysics group at the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) invites applications for a postdoctoral research associate position in the field of transients and Gravitational Waves funded by FAPERJ grant.The successful applicant will work in research and develop algorithms and data analysis using state-of-art of Deep Learning, Astrostatistics, Neural Posterior Estimation, and Simulation-based Inference. The successful candidate will further have the opportunity to take on a leading role in analyses aiming at precision measurements from cosmological probes and Astrophysics of gravitational-wave multi-messenger events.The research associate will have access to MultiGPU infrastructure from the AI lab at CBPF and imaging data from collaborations such as DELVE, S-PLUS, DES-GW, and also access to spectroscopic facilities. This position represents an excellent opportunity for a young scientist to build a competitive research portfolio. The successful candidate will join a vibrant and diverse research group. Experience with Deep Learning and Astrostatistics is preferred but not required.The expected start date is at the earliest convenience. To receive full consideration, please apply by May 25th. The appointment can be extended up to three years, subject to performance evaluations. The net salary is R$ 5125.00 /mo (R$ 61500.00 /year). To apply, please send a motivation letter commenting on your experience and research interests, one recommendation letter, and a cv to debom@cbpf.br